About Us

Asia Bid Co. (Inc EuroBidco & GlobalBidco) is an organization dedicated to the provision of an Online Auction Engine to sellers of used assets who may not have such a capability of their own. Companies who could use the services of Asia Bid Co. (Inc EuroBidco & GlobalBidco) will include banks, leasing companies, manufacturing companies, dealers, auctioneers, and anyone who has surplus assets or equipment to sell. The asset types which Asia Bid Co. (Inc EuroBidco & GlobalBidco), primarily will be hosting are identified by the categories in which the assets are classed as on the home page of the website, these being:

  • Chemical, Pharma & Healthcare
  • Construction & Mining Equipment
  • Electronics & Test Equipment
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Metal & Woodworking Machinery
  • Office & Household Equipment
  • Paper & Packaging Machinery
  • Plastic & Rubber Processing
  • Power, Water & Factory Services
  • Real Estate
  • Textile & Garments Production
  • Transportation & Material Handling

Asia Bid Co. (Inc EuroBidco & GlobalBidco), is based in Asia, and is focused on the selling of used equipment in this region. Whilst the targeted buyers of the equipment are also likely to be from Asia, the marketing which sellers perform will, no doubt, also attract buyers from other parts of the world.

It is Asia Bid Co. (Inc EuroBidco & GlobalBidco) understanding of the used asset disposal market, in conjunction with its knowledge of the different Asian cultures which makes it unique. As a company based in Asia, with dedicated professional staff boasting an unrivalled experience in operating in the Asian auction market, we believe that we can dramatically increase the penetration of Online Auctions in Asia to the benefit of both Sellers and Buyers .

If you haven’t yet registered as a bidder in these auctions, please go HERE. It is a simple and free registration process. Please take special note of the marketing section which will allow you to be automatically notified of upcoming auctions of equipment which may be of particular interest to you.

If you have equipment that you wish to sell, our fee structure is amongst the lowest in the global market. Please contact us as follows:

Email: sales@asiabidco.com

Tel: Hong Kong +852 8173 6110